Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Girls and Doe Doe :)

yep! that is what they call my dad! HAHA! I love it! It started with my baby cousin who is now 8 almost 9...still can not believe that. We have always called my dad Kevo (his name is Kevin) and my cousin Mason was the first one born in a while and was VERY close to my mom and dad and ME :) Well he would try to say Kevo and it came out Doe Doe! Well of course it was the funniest thing EVER and now 8 years later it has STUCK :) So now that I gave you the insight of his name here is a GREAT picture of my dad with Alexa, Madison and Rylee! It was Alexas birthday and we met her and my sister at the park and my mom and dad came too!

They were just having SOO much fun and you can tell on each of their faces :) :)
Happy Birthday Alexa!

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