Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alaska weather :)

My husband is NOT the one to over react over ANYTHING! Well unless its when Rylee knocks her tooth out and has blood all over him and her. THEN he will freak out! LOL! Well the other day I was talking to him on the computer since well they have really NO! Well!! He tells me the weather is getting pretty bad up there. I didnt think much of it. Just that snow was flying everywhere because it was windy! Then he comes back like 5 min later and says in these words "weather bad. gotta go. phase 3" Like I know what that means. And usually I am pretty good about not googling that kind of thing. BUT I did it anyway! Oh My WORD. It scared me and all I found was phase TWO! I of course got freaked out. But all was well! LOL! of course! But I wanted to show u some pictures he took of what the weather was like! Just think Hurricanes with SNOW yea i can ONLY imagine :)

This is a Phase 2!! U think this is Pretty Bad right......

And well that is because u havent seen Phase 3 on Alaskas North Slope...oh BOY! Makes me all warm inside LOL Doesnt it do that for u!!!

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