Friday, February 12, 2010

I would like u to meet Jojo and Maddie :)

First Jojo our German Shepard! She is the MOST WONDERFUL dog in the whole world! I of course already knew this BUT now I know 100% she is GREAT! She saved my daughters life and for that I am so truly greatful for her. I am not going to get into details of what happened because I honestly can't just yet! BUT Hopefully soon I can :) Just know that my German Shepard is wonderful! and it amazes me how dogs KNOW something is not right. I just love her soooooo much its not even funny! And now as I type this she is laying on my lap with her head and hand on Rylee. She doesnt let Rylee get to far from her now :) Gosh I love her!
And Secondly Maddie my 4 year old :)She is wonderful too :) She let me know not by words but her actions that something was going on. Although she couldnt tell me exactly what it was because of the look on her face that I knew something was wrong!

God worked through both of them and everything worked out! Thank you SOO MUCH!
I love u Jojo and Maddie! You both are definatly my heros :) :) I love u both soooo very much!!

An update on Rylee--She is doing GREAT! Back to her totally normal self getting into trouble with her sister and all! Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts! I know they worked :) I wil update later with the story! When I can get the chance! But for now I am just thanking God and my two angels here!!

I had to edit this post and make sure that Buster was now mentioned! LOL Buster stayed with Madison the whole time and calmed her and looked out for her while Jojo and I were with Rylee. He helped Madison and stayed by her side the whole time.
Everyone had a part in the whole situation and I love each and every one of u so very much :)
This picture makes me laugh! He found a hole in our yard and stayed in it. He is probably about 10 times bigger than that now but its still cute :) He is the same size if not bigger than Jojo is! I think this was in November when it was taken!


Mistika said...

I am so happy all is well now!
I know dogs are the best thing we can have around children!

Amanda said...

:) Jojo makes my heart melt!

Michelle said...

God Bless Jojo and Maddie. They really were two angels for Rylee!

Heather said...

Thanks ladies :) they sure were :) :)