Thursday, February 4, 2010

some pictures of the Rig!

This is the rig my hubby is on :) Have u ever been in -30 to -60 degree weather. Well I haven't but my hubby is everyday!! Up on the north Slope!! I dont think I would survive! HA He works on the Largest Land Rig in the World. Its on the North Slope in Alaska on a man made island! Can u say COLD!! If u arent sure where that is Look up a map of Alaska and go to the VERY top of the state. That is where he works! Cook huh!! Or if u have ever seen the show Ice Road Truckers? Those Trucks are going to rigs where he is!!!

The Rig in the snow!!! I am not sure if there is ever NO snow LOL

Another View of the Rig

This is a Sunrise :) SOOO Pretty!

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