Monday, February 8, 2010

Is it REALLY that bad :X

I am NOT one to freak out when it comes to blood or anything gruesome like that! I actually laughed when my daughter got her tooth knocked out when she was ONE :) For some reason I am still not sure why but when people, including myself, get hurt I find humor in it! NO I AM NOT A CRAZY PERSON or anything but I guess that is just my way of dealing with it. Instead of flipping out I laugh. Or gain control of the situation. Depending if I am needed to deal with it or if it cant be handled by me! ANY WHO!
The girls and I went over to my nieces Birthday party at my sisters house. It was GREAT! VERY cold but it was a lot of fun. My sister got it to SNOW at her party! The kiddos were having soo much fun! Rylee not so much! But I think its because she definitely took after her mom in the fact that she HATES the cold :) Well, everyone was leaving and it was just me, my parents, and my aunt still there. Of course my sister and her fiance' too! I was helping pick up outside because EVERYTHING was flying everywhere. I picked up everything and was about to get the trash out the garbage can and put it in the big garbage can :) WELL I did not realize there was a HUGE piece of glass sticking out of the trash bag because she broke a picture frame earlier. I went to grab the bag and push down the garbage can and I pretty much SLIT my wrist :( I Took one look at it and PANICKED! All I cold think was that I hit my artery and I was loosing blood quick! I ran inside as quick as I could (as my dad described it I could have won an Olympic medal with how fast I ran LOL) calling for my mom who had 3 or 4 cases of Cokes. As I found her she dropped them ALL on the ground and I ran over Hannah Grace (2 1/2) flipping out. And I also yelled at my sister and Richie to leave THEIR kitchen LOL! My mom and I fell to the ground as she gripped my wrist to stop the bleeding. I was starting to calm down a bit but I could see all over my moms face that she was panicking too! So I kind of calm down and my mom takes a look to see if she thinks I should go to MD. My Aunt at this point comes in and tells me I need stitches ASAP! YEA I panicked again. Not over her saying that just because I needed STITCHES soooo close to my artery :( I flipped out. After about 1o more minutes I finally get calm again and realize that I really should go to MD to get it checked out at least. It hurt like HELL! So my mom and dad bring me to MD. Dad ended up bringing girls back home with him. i was VERY nervous. I finally got called back and was pacing in the room. and of course LAUGHING! I knew it would come :) I couldnt sit down and when they took my BP it took 3 different times to come up and finally she MADE me sit to get it. It was normal :) A little high but nothing to be alarmed! And my HR was through the roof OF COURSE! So I go into a bigger room so they can Examine my wrist to tell me what I needed to do.
A Nurse Practitioner came in to tell me I definitely needed stitches. It was 3/4 of an inch wide and a little over an inch long. Yea it was GROSS :) At this point I was laughing hysterically :) (If you havent realized by now that is my way of NOT freaking out) and talking A LOT! She gets the needle out and numbs it up. I watched it all! Wasn't too bad by the way! And I also watched her stitch it up. BTW it was SOO COOL watching my once open flesh get pulled back together :) Sorry if that was rather graphic! It was awesome! And I litterally LOVED every minute of watching them stitch me up. Probably because I didn't feel a thing. The regular doctor ended up having to come in because the NP couldn't figure out what she should do about this piece of skin just hanging out. He came in and did this AWESOME thing and made it look like it still belonged there! After it was all done I came out with 6 stitches and 2 steri strips to hold in all in place. And I was on my way! Very dramatic day :) But although it was my first real freak out over something I do have to say it was pretty neat in the end. So I had to post my very dramatic wrist injury! I was pretty excited to be able to watch them stitch my arm back together BUT I would rather not have to do that again! Although the big girls think its the COOLEST thing ever and told their teachers all about it today at school!!


Lizzie Fish said...

I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for NOT posting before and after pics. =)

So glad you got it fixed up!

Michelle said...

Hahaha, I'm opposite of Liz...I wanna see!!!!

Heather said...

Oh I WISH I would have taken the pictures :) BUT I did not :( But it was VERY gross :) :) Poor Liz!