Friday, September 5, 2008

Daddy back at work!

I think the girls got spoiled being with Daddy for so long! We got to see him for over a WEEK straight and now he is gone again to work. This time he is in Cameron, LA where the hurricane hit pretty hard. I am sure he will be out there for a while. Hopefully not too long. The good thing is this time he is on a land job and he isn't too far away so he can come home for a couple hours here and there so he can see the girls. He said he wanted to try to come home for Madisons first day of school on Tuesday. But I guess it depends on how busy they are!! The girls are getting better about him leaving though. I am not so sure he is though. I think he will be working a whole lot now since the hurricane is over. Now lets just PRAY Ike stays away!!!

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