Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Madisons First Day of School and Rylee and Mommys Quality time!!!

Well she is officially in preschool! The day couldn't have gone any better.
We woke up around 7:30 am (late for us!!!) and Madison was still in bed. So me and Rylee went in there and as soon as we walked in Madison sat up in bed and said I get to go to big girl school today! It was so cute!! So of course we sang and danced and cheered in their room while daddy got dressed! Daddy was in charge of breakfast while I got the girls dressed. I ironed Madisons clothes and she put the on all by herself because she is a big girl now (she tells me this!). I get Rylee dressed and we head into the bathroom to brush teeth and wash faces so we are all clean!! HA! Well then I let Madison pick out which bow she wanted to wear on her first day and I did her hair! It was cute! All curly and precious! After that we ate breakfast really fast since it was getting late at this point! And after breakfast we were out the door on the way to school!! We finally got there at exactly 9 am!! (doors open at 9 they are offically late by 9:15!) Madison was soo excited. She had her princess nap mat and booksack all ready to go! She wanted to wear them both but then soon realized she couldnt so she made her daddy wear her princess bookpack! We all walked in together! Madison held her daddys hand the whole time. I think he asked if she wanted him to hold her but she said no! We walked in and as soon as we got in the room she was taking off her princess nap mat and down playing! She was so not worried about us! Rylee even went straight for the toys! We finally convinced Madison to tell us bye and give us hugs and kisses! She did and we told her we would be back!! NEver even phased her that we were leaving! It was really cute when Rylee kept giving her kisses and hugs!
As we were leaving I of course cried. At first I didnt think I would but I did! It was sad leaving her there but I know she loved it!
When we got home Rylee got really bored REALLY fast! She kept asking where is sissy? where is sissy? So I decided to take her to ride around so she wasnt just home thinking about it! We went to a couple of stores and she was having a blast! She was sooo good!! I didnt even put her in a stroller! hehe! She was pretty worn out though and fell asleep at 12:45. So I got a little time to myself which was nice! I did some dishes and cleaned up a little. Then it was time to go get SISSY!
Rylee was SUPER excited! She was running around in circles because she was so excited! It was soo cute! So when we get to Madisons school Rylee runs in and pretty much tackles Madison! I think we might have actually scared her a little! OOPS! But she was very excited to see us! I asked her teacher how her first day was and she said great! Madison even took a nap for her! WHAT?!?! She doesnt take a nap for me anymore! But Mrs. Tammy said she went straight to sleep and slept the whole time. Madison was so cute telling me about her day! She got to ride a bike, sing the ABC song, color a red apple, and lots of other stuff! Mrs. Tammy even told me that Madison didn't talk the whole day! CRAZY I know! But I assured her that it was because she was observing everything and her surroundings and that once she is fimilar the teacher won't be able to stop her from talking!! HEHE! just like her momma I guess. But all in all I think MAdison loved her first day of school. She was upset when I told her that she wasnt going tomorrow! It was sweet and sad! But Rylee enjoyed her mommy time and Madison enjoyed meeting new friends! Hopefully it keeps going as good as it did today!

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ky Mortensen said...

It makes me cry thinking about it! She looks so cute in her little backpack- Victoria