Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike and Birthdays!!

Ike touched down last night! And wow it was nutts!!! The eye went straight up Galveston, TX and they had a lot of flooding there and in Houston. We had some pretty bad winds here in Lafayette and a lot of trees snapping. We actually went walk our doggie, JoJo, yesterday around lunchtime (wasnt supposed to be too bad then) well when we were on our side of the apartment building the wind was not bad at all. But as soon as we turned to go towards the back of the building the wind was CRAZY! Not sure how fast it was but it was hard. JoJo got knocked over a little and Rylee got knocked over pretty hard. I would have never went out there to walk JoJo with BOTH girls if I would have known it would be that bad. Madison did OK but it scared her so I grabbed both girls and the dog and ran inside. (We were pretty far from our door at this point). That was a VERY scary thing. They had trees snapping because the wind was so hard. CRAZY! But all in all we all are good and the power only flickered a couple of times. There were A LOT of tornado warnings and a bunch touched down but no harm to us! We are VERY lucky!

This is a picture around lunchtime! One branch down! HA! The pictures I took later on in the middle of the night didnt come out! Sorry!

Today we decided not to let Ike keep us inside all day! We had a friends birthday party in Gonzales that we really didnt want to miss! So we packed everyone up and headed out to Gonzales! The party was a blast!! Although I did forget our darn gift on the table at home! GREAT! It seems like I am always forgetting something. They got a new swingset for the birthday and it was a huge hit! Madison and Rylee loved it!!! After the party we decided to go see the house I grew up in since a tree feel through the middle of it during Gustav. It was a lot worse then I thought. It was horrible!! I cried. I had a lot of memories there. It was just so sad. After that we headed to Colin's parents house to watch the LSU game. We had lots of fun! The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE going over to Maw Maw and Paw Paws house! They are best friends! HEHE! We ended up waiting until the end of the game to leave! And of course the Tigers WON! YIPPIE! The girls both cheered them on the whole time in their cheerleading outfits! SO CUTE! And I of course forgot my camera too so couldnt take any pictures.
Today was a super busy day! But we all had a blast! No hurricanes can stop us!

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