Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane GUSTAV & our trip to Houston

Well, the hurricane touched down in Louisiana. We did OK during the storm though!! We went stay with Colin in Houston. He was up there taking a class for work already so we decided to go up there so our family would all be together. We had a blast in Houston!! We took the girls to the beach which they LOVED. And I think JoJo loved swimming in the water too! We went to a park just about EVERY DAY! They had this one park that was under a huge pavilion that we went to mostly! It was great being in the shade and plus it was fenced in so we just let JoJo run loose. The girls loved having JoJo go down the slides with them!! We ended up staying in Houston for 6 days!!!!! I think we were ready to go home.

Gustav spared us at our apartment BIG TIME!! There was a pretty good bit of trees down EVEYRWHERE but luckily the only thing that happened to our apartment is one of the shutters on the windows fell off. Pretty lucky compared to some! We went drive around and didnt see too much property damage around Lafayette. Dont get me wrong there were A WHOLE LOT OF TREES DOWN EVERYWHERE but for the most part it looked a lot better than we expected. We did see a good bit of trees on houses though. There was a gas station that lost the top part that goes over the gas pumps. It looked like someone just took it off and threw it down!! That was pretty bad! We checked on Madison's school and it all looked great there. A lot of branches down but nothing to the church or preschool. Me and Colin's hometowns didnt do as great though. At least everyone over there is starting to get power and things. But the traffic is CRAZY!
Hugs and Kisses to all!!

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