Monday, September 8, 2008

Madison starts preschool tomorrow!!

Well, my baby is going to school. I say baby but of course she isnt anymore :(. We had her open house tonight at 6:30 and Madison had a blast. She loved meeting all the little kids in her class and her teacher. When we first got there the teacher Mrs. Tammy had the table set up with all the kids folders on a chair with their name on it! It was sooo cute watching all of them dig through their folders to discover all that was inside (of course it was just important papers for the parents but they didnt know that). Her teacher was SUPER sweet and Madison loved her right from the start. And of course I got the picture of Madison with her teacher!! I had to! I am so happy with my choice to send her there. We also got to see what the Computer Bus was!! Found out that it really isnt a bus! Well at least not at Madisons school! HA! It is a super cute program and we are thinking very hard about signing her up. We will see! Madison loved being in her big girl school so much that she didnt want to leave.

After we left the Open House Colin and I decided to go drive around Youngsville since that is where we want to move next May!! It was super nice there! We loved all we saw! Colin even got a kick out of this one house that had a shop off to the side for the man and it had one of those old Gas pumps in the front of it! Super sute! Of course it was not real but it was once!! HA! I think he wants one now! Great right!! But now that we drove around we decided that was our top place we wanted to move too!

Well once we got home we gave the girls a bowl of sherbert and then baths. Madison was super excited about tomorrow that she went straight to bed tonight! WAHOO! I just hope Rylee handles it ok! This is the first time Madison gets to do something without Rylee. But I think Rylee will really enjoy her time with just me and her!

Tomorrow dropping her off will make me very sad but seeing her so excited makes it all worth it! She is ready to be a big girl now and make her own friends! I will post again tomorrow on how her day went!

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