Thursday, September 18, 2008


OK So I cant hide that my girls are definate DADDY'S GIRLS! Even when he is not here they try to be JUST like him. Its sooo cute! I dont even think Colin realizes just how bad it is. I dont think I did until the other day they both found their overalls in all the winter clothes I was going through. It was priceless! They both wanted out of their clothes and to put on their overalls like their daddy! At first I said no because that just means MORE clothes for me to wash since they had already worn the outfits they had on most of the day. They were upset to say the least! So I of course caved in and let them put them on! They were SUPER excited. Oh and just to let you know if you dont know Colin that well he wears overalls that he has had forever when he works on the cars! And they think it is GREAT! Anyways, so they were prancing everywhere saying that they were just like daddy now! So cute right! Well bedtime came and time to take the overalls off. NOPE! They wanted to sleep in them! HA! Of course this one I didnt give in on but they threw some fits! Still thinking it was cute I put them in the dirty clothes and the girls finally went to bed. The next morning both ran in my room already in their overalls! OH GEEZ! So needless to say my little country bumpkins are obbsessed with them! Its cute of course but geez! 2 days in a row! they do have 2 pairs each but I can only do so much overalls! At least they are cute! I guess daddy and "cajun country" is starting to rub off on us!

Madison Marie Age 3

Rylee Nichole Age 23 months

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Amanda said...

OMG! That is so adorable! They look so cute in their overalls!