Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daily happenings!

I have cleaned the girls toys and clothes out FINALLY. And started to go through what I can sell and what I can donate. WOW! Its a lot of stuff. I didnt realize it would take soo long to do. And I also didnt realize all the stuff that the girls STILL need. I started to sell everything to a little second-hand store here in Lafayette called Once Upon A Time. Cute Cute store! And we have gotten a pretty good bit back so far! YAY! I figured if we got rid of all the things we dont need it wont feel so cluttered here. I think we are all ready to get a house to be able to spread out all of our stuff. Right now its just clutter. But hopefully soon right!
Colin left again for work. He went back to the same place he was before which is good because its close to home. But I am sure he will be gone a while now.
Madison is in school today! She is doing GREAT! Starting to really open up. She also didnt cry this morning and was SUPER excited to go!! I think a whole weekend with all of us (Daddy included) was more than she could handle! HA!
Rylee is starting to speak so well now. She is getting to where she will tell you what she wants! SO WONDERFUL! She is turning into a little girl right before my eyes. I miss my baby!! Its cute though. And she LOVES LOVES LSU Football! She sat and watched pretty much the whole game and cheered in her little cheerleading uniform. All she kept saying is GOOOO TIGERS! It was precious.
Well that is it for now...

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