Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stupid Hurricanes & GAS!

Yep thats right another hurricane headed our way. As if one wasnt enough right? Well this one is Ike and its headed straight for Houston/Galveston area! So that means we are on the bad side of it. People arent nearly as bad as they were for Gustav but I guess only time will tell if this will be a big devastation as Rita was to our part of town in 2005. Ike is supposed to make landfall late Friday night to early Saturday morning. But they keep changing it every broadcast. So far its a Cat. 2 hurrricane with 105 mph winds. We are supposed to get at least 80 mph winds here if not more. But I am not really worried about that part I am worried about TORNADOES!!! Never experienced one but I am terrified over them! Hopefully everything will be good!
Also, all of the refineries have shut down due to Ike in the Gulf and you know what that means GAS GOES UP! But only in the Gulf states! From what I understand some Gas stations arent even getting gas if they run out until AFTER the hurricane and if they do get it they will have to pay like $4.50 a gallon. Of course they cant sell it at that since that is what they are paying so that means gas could get to $5.00 a gallon! OH MY GOODNESS! And to think I was mad when I first started driving when gas was $1.35!!! Man I wish we could go back to that. HEHE! Colin I think likes gas this high! He says its job security! HA! At least thats a good thing right?
Madison update--Today was her second day of school and she is doing great! She loves it! She did get upset when we left her there this morning but was fine as soon as we walked out the door. And her teacher said she is starting to open up more! Which is good since the first day she didnt say a word! She is also taking her naps with no problem! YAY MADISON! Its so cute when we pick her up! She goes straight for her sissy! SO SWEET!
Rylee update--Rylee loves being at home with mommy! We play and play! I have realized just how smart she is! She amazes me!! She knows her colors and her ABCs! And she speaks soo well now. She is saying full sentences. Its so cute watching her copy what you say to her! Although sometimes it isnt always that great! HA! She is growing up so fast its sad. But she is becoming her own person and has her own little personality! Which is TOTALLY different than Madisons. Rylee is very daring. She will try ANYTHING. Madison is a little more hesitant but will still try it! She has to think about it before she does it! Rylee just goes for it!
Well I think that is it for now....gonig get some sleep since this hurrican is supposed to make landfall late tomorrow night. And we are supposed to out of power for a good bit of the day!! GREAT! Take care everyone!

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