Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a day...

OH MY GOODNESS!! So I needed to make my weekly shopping trip to get a few things. Just the little things. Bread, milk, cereal and some others. Nothing major! Well, I guess everyone else had the same idea and especially since the hurricane. Well, the stores were PACKED. I went to 4 different places trying to get the little things and everywhere was sold out. Wal-mart, Super 1, Piggly Wiggly, and CVS. They were all on the same street so I hit them all up. Well, finally at the end of the street was Target. And thank goodness they had everything we needed! Mostly Milk!!! We usually get the store brand milk since my girls dont care what kind it is as long as its milk. Well, they were out of the Target brand and only had Kleinpeter left. I have NEVER paid over 6 bucks for milk ever!!!! But we were desperate and that was all they had. $6.19 for a gallon of milk. WOW! That just seems outrageous to me. But the girls were getting aggravated with the crowds and wanted to go home. We had been gone for over 3 hours to get like 4 things that should have only taken like 20-30 min. tops! Well we get all of our stuff and head to the line!! We ended up waiting in line at TARGET for over an hour. People were crazy too. And you can tell none of them were from Lafayette (people have VERY thick cajun accents). I was so aggravated. And then finally I was NEXT in line and the lady decides to just LEAVE. At this point my girls were screaming because they were exhausted. I was soo mad that the lady just left. Come to find out she walked out and quit right before I was up. So I found a manager to tell him that this lady just walked away and her light was still on and I had been waiting for over an hour. He was SUPER nice I might add, and checked me out himself. He kept apoligizing for it. Of course it wasnt his fault but geez I just had NO luck today!!!! But finally we got to the car to put the groceries in it and the girls. And both girls fell asleep as I was putting them into the cars. It was sooo cute. And as I was putting my stuff in my car some crazy woman in a minivan was blowing her horn for me to hurry up. Some nerve! Well, just wanted to vent on my shopping experience today!

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